Eurgle 64.5g ≧ 6 Circle RC Sail winch Water Resistance Servo

Coreless Motor

500,000 Cycles Potentiometer Life

2pcs Ball Bearing

Resin and Heavy Duty Resin Gear

Spline type for Futaba style horns

250mm, 24AWG Connector for Futaba or Hitec
Heat Sink (Aluminium middle case)
Water Resistance

Control System : Pulse Width Control, 1500µs Neutral
Operating Voltage : 6.0V DC ~7.2V DC
STD Direction : Counter Clockwise / Pulse Traveling 800 to 2200 µsec
Test Voltage: at 6.0v at 7.2v
Operating Speed : 0.9sec/360° at no load 0.75sec/360° at no load
Stall Torque : ≧ ≧
Running Current : ~0.25A ~0.3A
Torque Current: ~2.6A ~3.3A
Output Angle : ≧2160° (6 circles)
Dead Band Width : 2µsec (Digital PCBA)
Size: 49.2 * 25 * 42.5mm
Net Weight: ~64.5g
Cross Welght : ~120g

Item(s) Included:
Eurgle 64.5g ≧ 6 Circle RC Sailing Boat Servo
Wire Wheel
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